Face to face with today

Having recovered from a scurry, rejected everyday troubles, been repulsed by the crowd as a strayed tourist in an alien city — stop and see. See houses and streets, whimsy cracks, stains and colors, play of a sunlight, gliding on the water surface and its reflections on a rough brick wall. Listen to the silence filled with the sounds of rain, tranquil splashes of water, rustle of the wind, twitter of faraway birds, echo of words dropped by an invisible passerby.

Grasp yourself here and now. Let yourself reflect in the space. Feel how countless moments leave their traces on the windows, stones and parapets; become one of these moments, touching a wall en passant. Be negligibly exiguous and immensely great at the same time, integral, cogitative, sentient.
See how the transparent matter of being is transformed into a fragile amalgam, reflecting thoughts, emotions, hopes and fears, and find through them your own history, unique and inexhaustible depth, in every crack, in every chipped brick, in the eternal game of light and shadow.

Memorize yourself, as you are. Memorize the world as you see it in yourself.
Exist, live and see, passing space and time through yourself.

Dissolve in the stream of time and stay there forever. Forever, face to face with today.